Being Left Handed is a very special project, and one that I am truly honored to be a part of…

A few years ago, I was taking that long drive from Los Angeles to Park City Utah to go to the Sundance Film Festival.  The open windows and open road often opens up a person’s  mind and that’s when I came up with the concept for BEING LEFT HANDED.  Why shouldn’t we, that make such a large group of people, (almost seven hundred million if you combine us all together) yet such a small group in terms of percentage world-wide have our own voice?  Especially when you consider how much we have contributed to the world for such a small minority.   And since movies can say so much, why not make that collective voice a movie that unearths the complexities and virtues of left handers and their impact on the world.

Like probably a lot of other creative people I’m always juggling a lot of projects and so I didn’t do a lot of work on it at the time.  I read five or six books, did a lot of notes and then got involved with another project that my girlfriend at the time wanted to do.  Yet it was always something in the back of my mind, and I knew it would be a really great film.

Then last year after finishing a pretty involving project,  I started searching for something that I could really sink my teeth into. I had become a bit disillusioned with Hollywood, so I wanted something different, something meaningful. I was literally praying to the universe to send me something.    Then one night while I was sitting on the floor of my studio,  I spotted a manilla envelope barely visible under my recording console. It was kind of bizarre that it was there, because I don’t keep things like that in there, but my home had become been discombobulated due to the fact that I’m been shooing in virtually every room in the place, except this one.  But however it got there, I knew that was ever in that envelope was what I was supposed to be doing.   I LITERALLY KNEW IT.  I got on my knees, crawled under there and pulled it out.   When I looked inside,  I found my old friend BEING LEFT HANDED.   When I started reading my notes, I was hooked.  There we so many associations, questions, answers and mysteries in there that I found fascinating.  And so from that moment, I literally just started working on this wonderful project.   For me, it’s really a cosmic mission to get this film made and released, so that my fellow south paws,  left-eyed friends, and other artists and creative people in the world can see it with me.  

It is indeed a rare opportunity to make the first of anything.   And this will be the first feature length film ever made about BEING LEFT HANDED.   I cannot tell you in words how I excited I am to travel across the planet meeting lefties from every beautiful culture on our planet.  I want to share that experience with you, through the film and blogs that I will be making as we make our journey together into BEING LEFT HANDED.