Who is always a very important part of any project.  Perhaps, it’s the most important part.  There are really three things that are crucial.  One, do the people who are working on the project really believe in it?  Two, do the people who are going to give time or money to the project believe in those making it?  And three, do the people creating the project have the skills and experience to undertake and finish the project and do so in a way that is professional and exceptional?   Now certainly, I can not answer the second question for those of you reading this.  I can only try to inspire in you the confidence I have in myself and this amazing project.  

My background is not in making documentaries.   It is in narrative film making.  I have done a couple of small documentary projects, but I have directed literally hours of narrative film from super-8 film, to 35mm to various forms of digital.  I have worked on comedies, drama and sci-fi.

I was educated in directing and writing at Cal State University in Northridge, California.   Have studied acting at the Stella Adler Conservatory and have agents in Los Angeles for writing, directing and acting.    I also have a great deal of experience producing music and photography.  I did the lion’s share of digital compositing,  animation and photography on the promo on the main page, as well as the music.   However, this was by necessity, rather than choice, as I didn’t have the money to hire people at this stage.  I am hoping that you can help me change that for the remainder of the process :)

I see this is as a very cinematic documentary, something that works at much in visual metaphor as it does narratively.   It is a project that I hope will seep under people’s skin as they take in the the emotions and information about the uniqueness of our small group.  

I haven’t hired the rest of the group yet, who will be working on this film, other than my good friend, fellow lefty and sound mixer Thomas Corkran, who is an excellent and dedicated sound mixer, who works a great deal on documentaries and narrative films, here in Los Angeles. His resume is here and mine is located here. Although, there is really only a fraction of my work listed there.   Also, you can view some of my work, here.  

Rest assured that the remainder of the staff will be the absolute best for the money. I am a very discerning person and because of my background in several areas of production,  I am really able to tell who’s good and who’s not, because I understand the challenges of the position.  

My modo has alway been that if you start a film with a great script, a great cast,  and great production you have a great chance at making a good film.  And if God is smiling on you, a great one.  In other words, in film you can’t take anything for granted.  You have to work very hard and stay on top of things, every step of the way.   That’s why you must find material that will continue to inspire and challenge you all the way through.    BEING LEFT HANDED is that kind of project.    It is a lotus flower, waiting to be opened and reveal it’s magic.