Why?  Why should this film be made?  Everything has its time.   Everyone at some point in their lives has had the feeling that something occurred or showed up at just the perfect moment.    Maybe it was a job, some money, the perfect romance or even your friend showing up just when your car broke down and they able to give you a ride somewhere.   Well, I think that world is like that.   Things show up in the world at the time that they’re supposed to.  Sometimes it may even show up at many places in the world at the same time, as if two or more people were just plucking them from the ether.   That’s where expressions like “when the student is ready, the master will arrive” come from.  I believe this is the time for the left handed viewpoint to come into our consciousness.   BEING LEFT HANDED is not new, but in the last few years it’s really starting to be talked about, studied, and even seen in my own lifetime I have seen the transition from people kind of pooh poohing BEING LEFT HANDED to people saying, “I wish I was left handed” .     Pretty amazing. There are still many questions as to even why we are left handed. There is still prejudice and misunderstanding, and I plan to delve into those things.

But this film can also touch can peoples hearts and minds, because of that transition from prejudice to pride.  It will also delve into mysteries of the brain and creativity in a way that is unique to our experience,  but not a unique experience.   All creative and or spiritual people will relate to this film because in the end it’s really about the right brain as well as the symmetrical left handed brain.

In a similar spirt this film is akin to WHAT THE BLEEP DO WE KNOW in that it is an adventure into consciousness and if that isn’t a worthwhile journey then what is?